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Order a dressing room in Dubai

Closet systems made to your measurements will help optimize free space and completely solve the problem of storing clothes and shoes.

Price: from AED 8 200 per r.m.

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Order a dressing room in Dubai

Closet systems is a more convenient and practical solution than ordinary wardrobes, often not suitable in size and not completely using the usable area. With proper design of the dressing room, it is possible to completely solve the problems of storing clothes and shoes. Furniture atelier CF Dubai offers to buy a dressing room from manufacturer. We will develop a dressing room project, think over the interior content in detail for the most efficient use of free space. We will make an ergonomic, comfortable and stylish dressing room that will serve you for many years.

Custom-made wardrobe systems

If earlier it was believed that a dressing room can only be installed in a separate room intended for it, allocated during construction, today, to make a dressing room to order, it will take from two meters of area.

You can choose a dressing room in atelier in CF RnD with cabinets and shelves of any type. It will look like an integral composition that solves several problems at once: from organizing a storage system to decorating space.

Custom dressing rooms have special advantages:

  • You can use every centimeter of space
  • All things are easily accessible
  • Their adaptability allows you to quickly change the arrangement of elements
  • Completely solves the problem of small spaces
  • You can choose the elements of internal content, accessories, color, style

Choosing a wardrobe from manufacturer CF RnD

According to their design features, dressing rooms are divided into types:

  • Recessed, which are mounted to the wall. Installed in niches, corners, between the floor and ceiling.
  • Wardrobe systems —only metal rails are attached to the wall, and the rest of the elements are mounted to them.

When choosing a dressing room, you need to consider the number of cabinets and their sizes, the number of shelves, whether shoe nets, drawers, non-standard modules, pantographs and other elements are needed. Taking into account these requirements, it is possible to create an ergonomic space in which there is an optimal place for each item.

We produce wardrobe cabinets of any configuration: corner, linear, U-shaped. We offer any design of the facade: with mirror or glass, with milling, sandblasting pattern. Check out other categories in our store: custom children's furniture, bedrooms, kitchens and wardrobes.

When designing, the architectural features of the room are taken into account, you just have to tell about your preferences. We will create an individual dressing room project that will perfectly match your needs. To order a custom-made dressing room, visit our store in Dubai. Managers will orient you by cost, show facade samples and answer all questions.